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About me!

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Hello there! It's me, your local alien! I'm just a [REDACTED] learning how to code and hopefully making some friends, but if not I'll at least have fun doing whatever it is I'm doing.

You want to know more about me, I suppose? Let's see.

Name: Bee

Age: Mid-20s, I'm in that weird age range that has nostalgia for old sites, but wasn't really old enough to be part of any kind of community because I was too busy playing on Webkinz and Neopets and Y8 games

Gender: Yes.

Location: The Void. Or a spaceship, hard to tell.

Other Abouts: I'm Autistic, Trans, and I like writing and art. I'm sure I'll think of something else to put here, but until then that's all I got

My Special Interests and Hyperfixations A page with all my fandoms and interests, sorted by category.

Socials: My Tumblr, my Ao3, my Waterfall, my Deviantart, and My Neocities profile

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