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This is the place for all my own badges! Most are able to be used on your own site without credit, but there are a few that I'd like credit for, that will be noted.

Also includes little descriptions, cause I can't shut up to save my life ;p

I also have bigger versions of my badges, if you want those I'll be posting them on my Tumblr, or you can message me on Neocities.

Sonic ring page break

My site badge! This one should be linked if used, since, you know, it's the site badge. I actually made this in Medibang paint on my phone, before I got an actual pixel editor. (Medibang is NOT good for pixel art, do not do it.)

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Fandom badges. Pretty much all my badges will be these.

Jak and Daxter badge! Please credit for this one! It took me a long time to make. (Rotation is hard)

Ace Sonic fan badge-I dunno, I wanted to make an asexual themed Sonic badge, cause I'm Asexual and like Sonic. That's all. ^-^

Jaxter badge! It's one of my oldest ships and I saw a Sonamy badge on Gifcities and was like "You know what ship I wanna make a badge for?" I think I'm better at pixel art than image editing, but simple doesn't neccassarilly mean bad.

I will never learn to not make the animations too small whoops

Wander! I love him very much!

Tiny spider web page break

IZ Dib badge! There's never enough stuff with Dib, so I made my own! Sonic ring page break

Pride badges! Any pride themed badges I've made

Pangender pride badge! It has a little animation, but it's kinda hard to see, a good lesson! don't make animations too small! Sonic ring page break

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