For Fun!

Here's where everything that isn't really connected to a Fandom, or is just fun is collected(Not that my fandom stuff ISN'T fun, This was just the only tagline that was clear and still fit.)

This is the homepage! Here's where you can get explanations about each page of the mini site! The links are sorted by category.

  • Adopts-All the things I've adopted from around the web!

  • Clubs-Page for web/pixel clubs/cliques (Exept Afternoon Teaclub and Teeny Towers)

  • TeaTime!-Page for the Afternoon Tea Club

    Teeny Towers-Teeny Towers club page

  • Adopt A Trollan-My Adopt thing! Put a Trollan(Like Orko from He-man)On your page!

  • Badges-Badges I've collected

  • Blinkies-Blinkie wall, I let myself be a little more lax with sourcing here, so most old web badges/blinkies are here

  • Quiz Results-Random character/personality quizzes I've taken

  • Surveys-Those list of questions/survey things that used to be everywhere. Basically me answering random questions

  • Character creators-Links to character creators I like

  • Songs-List of songs I like

  • Sableye fan page-Just a fan page for one of my favorite Pokemon