Defective Dib

"Boom!" (Page 1)

When you just want to finish your classes so you can leave Irk and finally go back to your research but your "Irken" classmate is chaos incarnate and actively sabotaging you.


This is meant to be a CSS stylesheet for a manually maintainable webcomic, potentially one that could be customised to look way more polished than what you can see here.

Basically: this index page is the main page. The "most recent" link (">>" in the navigation here) should always link to it! This will contain a copy of your latest page, and then you link the previous to the real page. When you post the next page, link to it from the real latest page, and replace this index page with the new latest page. That way, the latest page always appears first, and can always be linked to! (See About for a slightly better explanation.)

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