Links to Misc pages

Links to pages on this site that don't really fit in any of the top bar categories.

  • Cool Songs-A list of a bunch of songs I like, nothing much to it.
  • Fan Recs-A bunch of links to Fan fic/comics/videos/games I enjoy and want to share/save.
  • Badges-My badge collection!
  • Adopts-All the creatures I've adopted from around the web! Also includes web pets and quiz results.
  • Blinkies-All the blinkies I've collected, the badges page also has blinkies, this is for when I want to share them without worrying whether they're sourced or not, or without worrying about posting 50 blinkies from the same place(*cough* Blinkies Cafe *cough*)
  • Character Creators-My favorite character creators

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Links to other places

Links to other pages on the internet that I like, usually on Neocities

  • Ao3-Shamless self plug, this is a link to my Ao3, I want to put all my fanfics on a site eventually, maybe not this site, but a site.

  • Some buttons-A few little buttons I like, it's where I got the "Made in Neocities code editor" button

  • Layout maker-A layout maker by SadGrl, if a page on my site looks like this one, I'm probably using the code from that.

  • Magnet poetry-A little web program to make poems with pre chosen words(you know, like those little magnets you can buy) you can also type your own words to use if the one you want isn't there, it's really fun!

  • CSS Test pages-This is a page with a lot of interesting layouts for CSS, I got my journal layout from there! ^-^

  • Blinkie Cafe-A place to make blinkie style buttons! I love using this far too much! Very cool, check it out!

  • Halloween Gifs-A site with a bunch of free horror gifs, this is specifically the bats page, cause I love bats.

  • Springhole-A bunch of random generators for writing! This site also has a lot of writing advice and stuff, which I admit I haven't read much of. I always forget about it when I'm looking for advice.
  • Named CSS Colors-A page with all the named CSS colors, it's really cool!

  • GiF Gallery-A gallery of useable Gifs! Most of the (Non-fandom)Gifs I use on this site I found there.

  • WHIMWITCH-A really cool looking site, I've only explored it a little so far, but I really like the aesthetic. ^-^

  • Nostalgia-A site with a cute aesthetic and a lot of cute buttons/graphics/ect

  • Ryan's Hallways-A really cool site with a lot of different kinds of content!

  • Ashido- I don't really have a short description for this one. This is Zarla's(The person who wrote my favorite JTHM fic, "Vargas" and Handplates, a REALLY GOOD Undertale comic) site. Has a lot of links to other cools places on the web, and a really good tutorial on Ukagaka/Ghosts, which are really cool!

  • Geoblinkies-A completley searchable Blinkie database!

  • Em.mondo-A site with a really cool aesthetic,cool miniatures, and some other fun stuff(make sure to click around, there are some little secrets)

More things will be added as I find them.

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Badges that lead to sites, The links will also be above though, I just like badges. ^-^

Visit the Gif Gallery! Ashido vastrecs Em.mondo