I Wanna Fly High!

Welcome to the Workshop! Where I talk about all things Miles "Tails" Prower! He's been my favorite since I first got into Sonic so I'll either have a lot to say or nothing! We'll have to see.

Why do I like Tails?

Many reasons! When I first got into Sonic when I was a little kid I liked him because he was a fox and foxes were my favorite animal(still are, actually) so that automatically gave him a leg up on all the other characters. I also related to him pretty heavily in SADX, I mean, kid who desperatly wants to live up to the people around them who they look up to? He was probably written to be relatable and my kid self fell for it hook, line, and sinker. Not that that's a bad thing, it means the writing is working as intended. Honestly it's STILL relatable.

I also just really liked flying around. ;P

The header! I love that thick lined style!

You know, I am not suprised by this in the least. The child makes ice skaing EVEN MORE dangerous. He looks so proud of himself too. Like, "Hehe! I strapped ROCKETS to the blades on my feet!" He'll probably be fine.

This was my runner up for favorite Tails Sonic Channel BG, but my love of space won out.

Look at him! He is wearing a little apron, and is also a better gardener than I am. I want to see what else he's planted, he's definitely not using that giant shovel on those tulips.

Oh! I bet it's Chao trees! You know, the trees with nuts in them for the Chao.