Putting the TRANS in Transformers!

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    Transformers Art

    Each page break is an older art dump, not necessarily completely in order of newest to oldest, but they will get older as you go down. (And, unless I decide to update it, the coding is ALSO older as you go down, so u know)

    I watched Earthspark and had to draw the babies(And Bee, cause I can never resist drawing Bee) I drew Hashtag too, but she turned out bad so I took her out.

    My Transformers Ocs! Minimek(the Orange one), Broadtop (The white and blue one), and the last one I'm still working on a name for, I've been calling them "Ace" "Sprocket" or "Scrap" depending on my mood. Maybe ScrapAce. They're a scrap crew from the "Iaconian School for Monoformers and Delinquents" Often reffered to as ITSMUD by the unwiling students

    We've got Pre-war and post/during war designs. Though Ace is the only one who really changed anything but their symbol.

    They're a trine, because I really like that dynamic. They're a cement mixer(Broadtop), a siren with (useless) mods(Minimek), and a "Seeker" who's too heavy to fly and has solar panels for wings.

    Have a wierd Starscream Ginjinka/android. . .thing. I wasn't even TRYING to draw Starscream, he just appeared. Fancy man.

    green slime page break

    Green slime page break

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