Psychonauts 2 Screenshots

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WARNING! There probably will be spoilers for Psychonauts 2 here, at the very least in the form of scenery spoilers, but possibly more, proceed at your own discretion

I keep taking pictures(screenshots) in Psychonauts 2, and I know I'll take even more when they fix the pc posing bug(as of this writing you can't pose Raz) I'll be taking even more, so here's a place to put some of them! Most of them are in .jpg format to save space

Not a photo mode picture, but too funny not to share. Raz inspects his comic book as Sasha gets the crap beat out of him

I really liked this area, ^-^ hopefully I can head back there and take more photos later.

I want to go up there so bad! I don't think you actually can though, which is sad.

Hmm. . .Something tells me I'm not supposed to be here. {- v -}

Not much to say about this one, hehe ^-^

This whole section is VERY good at showing what sensory overload is like.

Green Needle Gulch is so pretty during the day.

Posing's been fixed! Raz absolutely learned this pose from Dion.

Oatmeal my beloved <3

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