A place for various Adoptables I've gathered across the web, I'll also put my own adoptables here if I ever make any.

Adopt a Trollan is here

Quiz results are now on Quiz Results page instead

music note line

New Web

Stuff I've adopted who's sites are still around, and usually newer

This is Palette! She's a unique adopt from Creatures Inside(Only one person gets each pet) Check it out for more info! ^-^

Jelly Acara Travel Guide Midnight Jelly World Stamp Edible Guide to Jelly World Jelly Pops Stamp Jelly World Stamp Jelly Processing Tips

(Yes I adopted one of my own adopts, what of it? He's cute!)

This one was based on a plushie that the sprite maker has, here's where they got it(they also linked it, but u know)

manuscript style bat pixel art Chinese Moon moth pixel art Comet moth pixel art Rosy Maple moth pixel art Spanish moon moth pixel art


Dolls I've adopted the base for and edited! (Which is, u know, what they're for) Sorted by creator

Pookie base by Cinni

I was sad that the husbands(they're my ocs) couldn't hold hands anymore since I had to make the picture bigger to add wings, so I put them together

Nyan base also by Cinni

Old Web

Stuff I've adopted through wayback machine

I adopted a Jirachi plushie from!

Pet Click Sites

Adopts from virtual pet sites where the point is to get clicks, I don't use a lot of these because usually the pets can die and I don't like that(Because I never stay on a site forever) so I don't play those. But the one's I do have I'll put here. Might put other kinds of virtual pet sites as well

This section has stuff that aren't just an image, if it has any sort of container of it's own it goes here

Meet Renamon!
-Name: Renamon
-Favorite Food: Bagels
-Tamer: Bee Em