A place to put all the badges I've found or made!

NOTE: Might be flashing lights or colors, I try to not display anything like that, but since I'm just sensitve to lights and don't have epilepsy I might miss something. If you see anything on any of my pages that isn't safe and isn't warned properly for, you can contact me Here on Neocities or you can private message me on my Tumblr Here

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Other sites badges-Badges for sites, check them out!(Want info on the sites? Head to the Links page)

Visit the Gif Gallery! vastrecsem.mondo

My Badges-All the badges I've made! (want some info on them? Go to the My Content Badges Page)

Usable w/o credit

Credit if used

Link back

FLASHING LIGHTS WARNING from this point on.

Blinkie maker badges-Badges made with the Blinkie cafe maker

Other Any other badges I've found! Note: These are mostly from old sites, and more likely to have flashing lights.

Useable-These are, as far as I know, able to be used freely

Unknown-These are badges from old, defunct sites I found on Wayback machine that didn't seem to have any specific rules on sharing them. Use with caution.