Fan page links

This is a page to link to my various special interest sub-pages and fan sites

  • Favorites list-A page for listing all my interests, whether they have a fan-page or not.
  • Sonic-My Sonic fan pages
  • Psychonauts-My psychonauts page, right now leads to my screenshots page
  • Cross-stitch-Where all my cross stitch work will be linked to.
  • Sewing-this one could change, not sure if I'll actually want to post any sewing projects
  • Invader Zim-Exactly what it says on the tin, currently the most complete section of the site.
  • Dragon Hunters-Dragon Hunters fan page-Construction currently on haitus to work on other sub pages intead
  • Oatmeal-Page specifically for Oatmeal, the little creature in Psychonauts that teleports you around levels when you re-visit them.
  • Transformers-mostly a place to put my fanfics