All my Invader Zim Fanfics! Right now they're all part of my "What is Normal, Anyway?" series, that might change, it might not. I'm including the A03 links as well, if you prefer reading there.

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This series is mostly about Zim and Dib and their developing friendship. ZADF end-game.

What is Normal, Anyway?

  • Convention | A03

    Summary: Zim frowned. It was pathetic really, he didn't understand WHY the human even bothered with his "peers." They obviously wouldn't know an invader if they took over their planet! Or any of the other. . .things the human was interested in. He almost felt sorry for him.

    A buzz from his Pak.

    Only almost, of course.

    He frowned. There was something weird about that thought.

    WAIT! OTHER things! Others things meant things OTHER than ZIM! He squinted. Why was the Dib bothering trying to convince his pathetic human classmates about things OTHER than ZIM! THOSE THINGS weren't trying to take over his planet! UNACCEPTABLE! He would not be showed up by Bigfeets again!

    In which Dib is sad and Zim, somehow, makes him feel better.

  • Broken? | Ao3

    Summary: "He still had no idea where they were, he had never been to this part of the city before. He only hoped that Zim knew where they were, otherwise it was gonna be a long day. And you know, that Zim wasn't leading him to his untimely doom, that would be bad."

    Where Dib is slowly realizing he might be friends with Zim, and finds an interesting shop with a certain neurodiversity symbol on the front.

  • Friendship | A03

    Summary: "He didn't even know if Irkens HAD friends! They were, like, a militaristic bug society or whatever! It would be extremely irresponsible of him as a paranormal investigator to apply human terms to. . . Whatever had been happening lately."

    In which Dib has a bit of a depressive episode and finally admits that he's weird friends with Zim.

  • Nemesis | A03

    Summary: Dib continued hurriedly, trying to get his thoughts together before Zim snapped out of it. "Why wouldn't one of the other Irkens I've met be my nemesis?" He said. "Why not Tak? Or Skoodge? Heck why not the Tallest THEMSELVES!" He gripped the wires still holding him tightly, cold metal digging into his fingers. He kicked his legs slightly, not really trying to get free, anymore, just needing to move them. "If one of them showed up to fight me I'd HATE it! Unless you were fighting them WITH me!"

    Where Dib helps Zim out of a slump.