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This site is a place for all my interests and hobbies, as well as stuff I make! ^-^ Feel free to explore! Each of my interests are contained in "Mini-sites" for different topics, with their own side bar and home pages, though all of my art and stories will be linked to the my content page eventually.

I don't like to put too many different types of things on one page, so near everything's in nice neat little boxes. I have a good number of pages with links to other pages because of this.

If you want to know about site news and just see my general musings and such head on over to the journal page!(Or just scroll down if you just want site updates)

I hope you enjoy your time here!

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Made a new room for Teeny Towers! It's Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated! I'm really proud of it! ^-^

Added Teeny Towers link to For Fun index page (Cause I forgot whoops)


Made some Phineas and Ferb stamps and put them on the Badges page


Added a few character creators to the fav character creators page


Added a little more to my Transformers Daydreams page


Added ADHDautism site to Site map. Added all new pages to site map

Added the Teeny Towers page to side bar of For Fun minisite, added more rooms to Tower, added my own room to tower


Started a Teeny Towers page. Not linked anywhere just yet though


Added some centering to certian sections on the blinkie wall so it looks better on mobile

Edited badges page a little


Added stuff to my ADHDAut mini site, and linked it in the mini-sites directory. it hasn't been linked in site map yet(there's a storm, so I had to use my laptop to watch news on the big screen)


Just added some characters creators to the character creators page


Got a bunch of new blinkies for blinkie wall, and searched out more sources for old unsourced blinkies on there


Cleaned up some code, added alt text to some badges.


Made a page where I can play with backgrounds and color schemes and such

Made 2 more CDs for CD club!

Went a little crazy and added like 7 new blank templates to Adopt a Trollan

Started section for CD pixel club


Added three new stickers I made to my sticker club sheet

Made a couple honeycomb badges and added them to badges page and blinkie wall

Journal entry


Added site badge to links and badges pages

fixed div on index page for mobile


Added a few Trollans to Adopt a Trollan


Made a page for Adopt a Trollan, it was taking up too much space


Fixed the right sidebar by adding a blank image to it

Added Aceing the internet webring


Started working on for fun mini-site, which is mostly connecting the different pages through nav links. I'm pretty sure they all have some now. They're just not all pretty. Wait. I FORGOT A HOME LINK. *sighs* Adds to to-do list


Forgot to edit this yesterday, so here's what I've done since then!

Added some adopts to the Adopts page, added links to Links page, moved lava lounge up on Treehouse page, journal entry. I think that's it, but there might've been more I've forgotten.


Made a section for Adopt a Trollan in Treehouse page. It's kinda between a usual adopt and a club/clique

Added a teacup


Reworked the Adopts page with new css, will actually style it differently from treehouse page later

Added some lava lamps and stickers to Treehouse page


Edited Sidebar

Added some stickers to the Treehouse page

Added Lava Lounge to Treehouse page

Maybe some other things that I forgot


Added sources to some things on Blinkie wall

Added Honeycomb stamps to Blinkie wall

Added info to homepage side bar


Added page for other web clubs and added it to site map and For Fun page. Moved sticker club and the one line clubs there. Added a few stickers and a teacup.


Made Site map mobile friendly

Accidentally deleted the Css for some of my Transformers pages >_< Switched it to Style3css for now


Added GiFs I made to Transformers GiFs page


Fixed responsiveness in Transformers top bar pages.

Added Transformers blog page. Added a few alt texts.


Added a new homepage! The old one is archived here I tried to make this new one as similar as possible while still adding some QOL features for myself(Like a side bar for all the little things I like, and featured links)Code base for page is here I messed with it a bit though


Started on a new css for home page


Added a journal entry. Fixed some little things


Added quiz results

Added source I found for one of the buttons on blinkie wall(Note to self: Add Neocities now button to Badges page, since you found the source for it)

Finished(As much as any page is finished) TeaTime page, linked it to For Fun page, added it to Site Map

Added a few new badges to badge page

Added quite a few links to links page

Other little edits, might be looking through images and such and adding alts throughout the day


Started a page for the teacup club

Fixed a mobile responsivness error on Daydreams page

Apparantly accidentally changed homepage to wood texture. Just a sec.

On PURPOSE changed style3(homepage)css to a differnent stars GiF, for variety


Made some stamps and badges and added them to the appropriate pages

Journal entry


Sorted blinkies wall into size


Made some new buttons and added them to button page

Started to sort Blinkie wall by size


Added a few links to sites I've been browsing to the Links page

Added more quiz results to the, well, Quiz Results page


Journal entry


Did a survey.

Added to my Daydreams page.


Edited my Daydreams page

Added more songs to Songs page

Added journal entry


Added a few GiFs from BlinkieCafe that I made awhile back to the Transformers GiFs page. Added a journal entry. Added a new Transformers page

Linked Sableye Cave to For Fun

Updated site map


I finally remembered a word I was looking for since I started this site, and changed it(I could NOT think of another thing to call all my writing and art and similar things. Stuff. The word I was looking for was stuff. took me like two years to remember that word. English is my first languange.)


Put a TamaNOTgi on my home page, and the adopt page.


Added a Site map. Added For Fun link to more top bars(I have SO MANY pages u don't understand)

Changed Waterfall link to Pillowfort account on About page.

Added a page for Transformers GiFs, finished the Transformers home page(hopefully), continued adding the For Fun link to various top bars. Probably more stuff that I forgot, since I did most of that yesterday and forgot to update.


Finally made a Transformers mini-site home page, and linked it to the mini-site directory. Also edited the CSS for my Transformers art/fanfic pages, might change the ones for the individual stories again later, it seems a bit bright for reading stories. (Of course, I'm the type of person to read on black or dark grey, so I'm a little biased.)


Strarted reorganizing a bit, added a For Fun category to some top bars, and made a page to put things that are just cause I wanted to


Added a page for personality quiz results, and one for random about me questions(U know, those survey list things that were all over the internet in the 2000s)


Added a bunch of Transformers Fan art to Transformers art page. Changed Featured pages. Added Transformers to Favorites page (Not sure why it wasn't there before)


Added a bunch of scribble creatures to to Scribble Creatures page.


Added site badge to Links page

Added a few things I've been into lately to the Favorites page


Added page for my Transformers Art, and added art to it. Added a journal entry.


Added a new page for Fanart that doesn't have its own mini-site, it's linked through the My Content tab. Also added a lot of old fanart to said page,


Added a few blinkies to the unsorted blinkie page. Added a few character creators to the Fav character creators page.


Went through and hunted for broken links and fixed them. Fixed the links and pictures on the Favorite Character Creators page.


Added a bit about Sonic World Dx to my Tails fanpage


Added a page for how well non-Gamecube games work with a Gamecube controller, currently only has 1 actual entry, so it's not linked in the site yet, but if you're curious to see the under construction page, it's Here


Added a new page, which isn't accessible from in-site yet, since it's not finished.

Added a journal entry.


Changed the font of Style3.css to Open Dyslexic, now that I know how to do it I'll be changing the rest of the site to it as well, since it's easier for me to read


Added a journal entry about where I've been, and a little bit of plans for the future


Tried to update the Invader Zim pages to a new CSS(built with the updated layout maker). I wanted to see how difficult it'd be, the answer is Very. I'll have to strip all the code that references the old CSS from it first, and then insert the new around the content. Will try to start this off-site if I have some free time, since this would break whatever page I'm currently working on for a good while.


Added a Gaster Ukagaka fan page, and put a bunch of screenshots with comments on them on it


Added a bunch of pictures to my Invader Zim art sections! Also learned to use the title function, I'm gonna use it to transcribe the dialogue in my little drawing/comic things.


Edited the home page's CSS to be more responsive, and made the update box bigger in general.

Will go through my CSS styled similarly to add responivnes to them in the next few days, time permitting.


First draft of my Sableye fan-page/shrine is done! I've got to mess with the pictures a bit, but that involves editing them and re-uploading them, so it's done for now


Started a Sableye fan-page, but had to stop cause it wasn't updating my changes, will come back later today to see if it works.


Added some new drawings to the Other page of my Defective Dib Au art section


Journal entry, and fixed a couple typos.


Started Zim & Gir Ukagaka fanpage. Edited Ghost mini-site home.


Edited "Interests" in the top bar to read "Mini-sites" instead, to better reflect the structure of the site. Also linked the under construction front page of Ukagaka to the Mini-sites directory page(Note: Put "Mini-sites Directory" on the top of that page later.


Added the start of a Ukagaka/Ghost fan-site, It's not linked anywhere yet though.


I've added some stuff to the Invader Zim fanpage(The actual fanpage, not the mini-site main page) mostly about IZ Ukagaka.


Added an update scrollbox.

So long and thanks for all the fish!

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