Under Consruction

The Ghost Zone!(No not that one.)

Welcome to my mini-site for Ukagakas/Ghosts, which are basically desktop pets, I think they're in a format that makes them easier to make without programming knowledge? And they all run from the same program(Well, the same like three programs, all the ones I've used so far use the same one). Zarla has a good intro to them here on her page about them, though most of this is for if you're interested in making your own, you should check it out anyway though.

And she has a tutorial on how to install them on her Gaster Ghost page here

But if you don't wanna do that, just know that they're desktop pets that can have a really simple to a ridiculously complex relationship system, depending on what they're programmed with. They can also like, check your email, empty your recycling, and have a calender and stuff like that.

I was cluttering up my Invader Zim fan page with too many Ghost screenshots, so I decided to make a new mini site(Espesially since I REALLY wanna make my own eventually, even if I only make it for me ;p)