Welcome to the Sonic homepage!

This is where my lifelong obsession with Sonic the Hedgehog lives! Includes Gifs, art, my favorite Sonic Channel art, and a love for all the cheesiness that is Sonic!

My favorite Sonic Channel art

Sonic Channel has had a lot of really good backgrounds and pictures over the years(most of which, as far as I'm aware, are still on the site) and I figured I'd share my favorites here! I'll eventually link to the official download page for each picture.

I had to choose one favorite Tails and Shadow background, cause otherwise I'd probably just put all the ones I have here and that's what the fan pages are for

This one's probably still my absolute favorite! It's one of the first Sonic Channel art I'd seen. I also used it to edit one of my Ocs into it, cause that's what you did in the 00s. Maybe I should re-do that one day for fun.

The boy is stargazing! I love him so much he deserves to do SO many kid things please Sega let him be an eight year old every once in awhile.

Let him rest! Angsty man needs his beauty rest! Jokes aside, I love the softer pictures of Shadow, I ALSO love that in this particular background series, he almost always has a chao with him. Which makes my child self very happy, since when I was a kid I decided that Shadow was the new protector of the Chao after Chaos. . .died? Moved on? Went on vacation to Seaside Hill? Who knows, what actually happened to them at the end of SADX wasn't important to my kid self.

I've always liked Sonic with glasses/goggles, that plus snowboarding, which was my favorite thing to do in SADX? Is good!

Lookit her hammer! And her cute winter dress! I love her. It's funny how much I've come around on Amy, I used to hate her. That's mostly because I saw her as the "love interest" to Sonic though, now that I think about it, I wanted nothing to do with it.(Romance, that is)


I love Big! He's so cuddly! I like to entertain the idea that he acts like a protective big brother to Amy and Cream. Which, you know, is basically canon, if maybe not outright stated. (Bring him back Sega you cowards)

Happy lizard! Good, he deserves some quiet time.

She's SO proud! With good reason, if she made that all by herself. Smug little smile! And Cheese's little cheeks!

Cheese! I love Chao so much!

He's chilling! I love that he has a sandwich AND is roasting a hot dog, a guy after my own heart, Knuckles is. I ADORE that hat! Reminds me of his OVA hat

Somic just pulling Tails along behind him is just funny!

This is the whole picture of the one I use as my header.