This is my Invader Zim art page!

Defective Dib Au

My Defective Dib Au is an Au with Dib as an Irken, where he's been banished back to Irk for "re-education" because of his conspiracy theories(he is still Dib, after all.). Zim in this Au is a human child who stole some sort of spaceship and has decided to take over Irk. No one but Dib realizes this, despite Zim's predicatablly horrible diguise. So it's basically a species swap but without a role swap! There's not much posted yet, mostly the old stuff I made and a few extra things for now

Other Art

Exactly what it says on the tin! Any other IZ art I've made and posted(There's not much of it, I just really like drawing Irken Dib ok?)