Dib has a new baby brother! He is not happy about this.

I do not know the child's name, I've just been calling him Squeaky.

He warms up to him pretty fast though, at least.

Six years later and he WILL murder someone for this child.

Dib stays tiny until like, a month into college. Then turns into a skinny goth noodle. No this isn't just an excuse for the fact that I accidentally made him tiny when he was supposed to be tall I don't know what you're talking about.

I was listening to Homestuck Made this World(A really goodpodcast and was struck with the urge to draw Homestuck crossover art. So have this! It's partially based on a daydream I have regularly, where--through shenanigains--Dib and Gaz get adopted by Dave and Karkat. It's a fun idea to mix around in my head.

My college Dib, he's a pretty basic design. Just Long Dib with piercings. I love him

Zim: Did you mean these things? Speak!!

Dib: I did, trust me. We're friends, aren't we?

A scene from one of my fanfics! It's Nemesis, on my IZ fanfic page. I meant to write the dialouge in sharpie, but forgot to. It's not a one to one with the fic, since I drew this first, but this image was so strong in my head that I had to draw something before I could write anything down! ^-^