Welcome to the IZ fan page(the actual fanpage, not just the index to the whole Invader Zim site)! Where I put any sort of rambling I want to, as long as it pertains to IZ!

having said that, I can't say I really have any rambling to do at the moment, as usual when I want to edit my site/make a new page.

I have joined the Irken Empire, sorry people of Earth your doom is now assured

YES! The perfect plan!

Favorite character?

Who's my favorite character? Dib. 100%. He's a weird guy, and my favorite type of character, absolutely feral but also baby!

I want to hold him and protect him but he also DOES want to dissect a sapient being. Like he very much wants to do that. He's a freak and I love him for it he absolutely has dead things in jars in his room(and Prof Membrane definitely encourages this, dissection is part of REAL SCIENCE after all)

You know what I just realized something. I wonder if Dib would get along with Dave Strider?(you know, from Homestuck)

Like I always forget about Dave's dead things collection but that is absolutely something he has. I bet Dave could roll with all of Dib's weirdness. That actually reminds me of a daydream I've thought about before, for a crossover between the two, it'd be post Suburb(I do not remember how to spell that and don't feel like looking it up.) So it has adult Dave becoming the school counselor after Dwicky disappeares, I don't really remember the logic behind that, I think it was just a vibe of "Dave'd be good at this." And Rose was too obvious there, also I wanted Dave to interact with Dib and be all like, "that's cool. my husband's an alien too." to all the alien stuff with Dib and it's MY daydream so I can put whatever character I want there. But seriously, think of Dib's reaction to that, it's hilarious! He'd just be like, "y-your- what? Wait. What?"

Do I also love torturing/confusing the heck out of my favorite feral child? Yes. Yes I do. This is why in my fics he's always like "ME? Friends with ZIM??? WHY? WHY IS THIS HAPPENING???" Ah, it's great!