All Hail Shadow

Welcome to the Edge Zone™! Where I wax poetic about our favorite black and red hedghog. Or just put pictures of him. Hard to say.

Why do I like Shadow?

Hard to say. I didn't like him at first, but that had less to do with any actual reasons and more to do with the fact that I was like 6 when I first played SA2 and he was a "bad guy" and "you can't like the bad guys!"

Needless to say, I came around on him pretty quickly, he looked cool, he was fun to play as, he had EPIC skates. What's not to like?

Once I got older I started caring about his actual CHARACTER a bit more, my preteen self loved his tragic backstory and was sad Maria was dead. The amount of things I came up with to re-insert her back into the story was ridiculous, and of course, were always as dramatic as possible. I kinda wish I had wrote any of my little imaginings down, I'm sure they would have been fun to look back on.

I also had a frequent one where Sonic was Shadow's long lost son who 'died' tragically on the Ark. I watched Star Wars at a young age and was PRETTY obsessed with villians being characters parents(I had a similar one for Sonic and Eggman actually. I craved putting the blue boy through some Drama™)

Now that I think about it, it's probably weird that I also shipped Sonadow, but it's not like it was in the same universe. (I ALSO loved me some Alternate Universe drama, you couldn't get better than that!)

Basically, my pre-teen/teenage self loved putting this poor hedge(and Sonic) through even more trauma than he already has! It was very fun!

My imaginings eventually chilled out a bit, as I got older and realized I kinda just wanted him to be happy, you know? Current daydreams tend to be a bit more domestic, with the introduction of Silver I now had a character to put my "Shadow's actually a dad" daydreams onto, and I can ALSO make it gay with Sonic. PLUS found family with Cream and Vanilla, AND adopted kids with Tails(through Sonic, of course). And there's also Rouge and Omega as a polycule or some other kind of found family. LISTEN!

The Sonic fanon to do with Shadow that lives in my head is far better than anything canon has ever given us.

Here's my favorite Shadow pictures/gifs/ect!

These are the dialogue portraits from Sonic Chronicles I got from Spriters Resource! I have a thing for dialogue portraits in video games, they're just fun! I like how small they are.

This is the one I'm using as a header! Not much to say about this one, I just think the design is really cool, it's almost. . .industrial, I guess? I don't think that's the right word.

Shadow+Chao+Halloween? That's the world's perfect combination! ^-^ I also just realized that since he's carrying a candy bucket that means he's either been trick-or-treating or took the chao trick-or-treating and that's great! He deserves it! I hope they have fun!

The SASS radiating off of the both of them in this pic! I've always loved these two interacting, it's no wonder I was obsessed with them when I was younger.(And still am, a little bit)

I've always loved lineless styles, though I admit, I don't like the pose as much