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GiFs Baby!

My GiFs! So far they're all free to use, since they're just clips from Earthspark

Nightshade typing

Nightshafe pushes button and rocks fall out of escape pod port. They are suprised by this

big X on computer flashes. Nightshade is in front of it

Nightshade and Hashtag look at each other sheepishly

Now here's a bunch of Transformers GiFs I've found on GiFcities and other old sites

If I found a source I'll put it, most of them were just all over the different sites I've looked at though.

first, the fastest spinning GiF I've ever seen

Look at it. It's spoovin'.

This is the one I use for the icon on the Transformers mini-site, I made it transparent. (Pretty sure this one was newer, can't really find a source for something like that though, since u know, it's just the transition from the show, far as I can tell)

It was bigger on the page and I was able to see a name in the corner to find the source, the original(not transparent) GiF was made by Nico76

There's a whole series of these that change through all the different symbols in Transformers

You gotta watch this one for a second, it switches from Autobot to Decepticon

This one looks like something from an old game, I really wish I knew who made it

The most ominous promotional(?) GiF to ever exsist.


These four I made at BlinkiesCafe(The last one is a Megatron quote)

An old aft ad for that 80s tees site, it's so weird seeing an ad for something I thought was a pretty new (nostalgia fueled) site. (honestly I always assumed it was a scam site when I saw ads for it, I was always like "Yeah, THAT won't steal my info, lol." Guess it could still be, though now I think it's a scam in the "pay 40 dollars for a t-shirt" way. )

It's also really wierd seeing ads that are like, part of the page? Like it still exists in Wayback Machine, I'm used to ads being something that changes every time you refresh the page.

THIS is the GiF I want to know about the most! It's so cool looking! I really wanna know whether it was an official creation or a fan one, it's obviously made from some promotional images, and I've only found it on one site so far (This one) and there isn't any info on iton there, so if anyone knows the history of it, send me a message on Neocities/Tumblr/My Guestbook, I'd love to know! (I'm gonna look into the 20th special edition myself later, maybe there's some info, I just wanted to talk about it first)